Saturday, April 03, 2010

Google PageRank update 2010

It seems Google PR update 2010 is going on globally. I have noticed some update in few of the travel websites where pagerank has moved up. There is page rank update for a website from 6 to 7. Even some of the website which has 1 or 2 page rank before has gone up for 3 or 5. But still some of the websites PR is stable with no changes. But this is only PR update, where no impacts are visible in organic ranking of keywords so far. Rest depends how Google will move on from here onward.

It's not looking major update so far. Anyway, its big for sure when Google doing it globally. PageRank is updating for enitre domain - Home Page and Inner pages. Although it is more then this but still the basic parameters of the update seems the backlinks, references and obviously the onpage page optimization and development. Even its not sure if Google has done any big change in the Algorithm to synchronize the world wide web data. Probably the changes are not visible so much so far but would be helpful to Google and Internet users in long term.

The final outcome is still to come. The PageRank update of 2010 has started and it may take from 5-15 days for entire reflection as per yester year trends. Google technology has developed so much, so it may end up so early before you notice any change too. Everything depends on what is the Google PR approach this time. let's see how it will end up and it's reflections - fingure crossed !! ??????? -- Deepak Rajput

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  1. Google did update their page rank last April. My best bet would be that their next update would be sometime in August 2010. Most probably it would be in the first week.

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