Monday, March 29, 2010

Google Analytics vs Web Trends

Well both the traffic analysis tools are good enough as per requirement. But I personally would recommend Google Analytic over Web Trends. The mode of information analysis and presentation is much better in Google Analytic comparing to Web Trends and above all it is free for everyone. You just have to install the code which is given by Google upon registration in Google Analytic on every page of your website that you want to track and that's it. This is almost similar in Web Trends too but it is not very much user friendly. I remember how difficult was it to find Direct, Search Engine and Referral traffic in Web Trends whereas I did nothing to get this information in Google Analytic.

Google Analytics Interface Tutorial

GA is a preferred choice now a days than WT due to many of the features that you will find for free on installing it. Here are few of the points why GA is very much popular among webmasters since the days its launched:

1) It is available for Free.

2) The user interface is perfect. You can find the information very easily.

3) The whole thing is divided into 5 popular segmentation:
Intelligence Trends, Visitors, Traffic Sources, Content, Goals

4) Custom reporting will help you to create any report and get it email on schedule basis.

5) You don't require a separate login. Your Gmail account is good enough.

6) Everything is transparent and easy to use.

But Google uses it partially in the Google Trends reports. You can see a brief traffic information about the popular traffic Region, Competitive tendency and popular search terms for a website using Google Trends. The graph will let you know how the traffic of your competitor is moving ahead.

There is so much to explore about Google Analytic and Google Trend. So Wrapping to all I hope this video will give you immense understanding about using Google Trends


Deepak Rajput

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