Friday, April 23, 2010

Google PageRank update 2010 - Followup

Well the update was not visible so much and did not had any impact in the organic ranking but is good enough to filter the redundant pages from results. I have noticed it's changes in the indexed pages in Google database apart from page generic PageRank and backlinks update. It's very obvious now that Google is becoming smarter than anything you might have ever thought of. The update is very important to synchronize Google followup for producing relevant results from the well maintained databases of websites.

by this update Google is trying to retain the quality pages and filter the rest. So if you are regular follower than just check the indexed pages using Google site: operator. You will notice the difference. I really like this update from Google. You are there if you make sense else you are filtered.

I am sure that Google is planning something big for the data it collects from the web and ofcourse SERPs which will be visible soon. Probably you need to rethink your SEO technique and online marketing approach if it will move the way I am thinking. Curiously waiting for the next update and how it will reflect. Thanks - Deepak Rajput

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