Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Important Tips for Free Internet Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization (as per search engine guidelines)
2. Social Networking Optimization (orkut, facebook, hi5, bigadda etc)
3. Social Bookmarking Optimization (digg, delicious, technorati, etc)
4. RSS Optimization (content aggregators)
5. Targeted e-Mail Marketing
6. Viral Marketing
7. Back-links from semi-competitors sites
8. Adsense optimization
9. Ad placement and banner advertisement in website
10. Services tie-ups, syndication and partnership online

These are the few important things among a huge list of Internet marketing tricks are being used now days. But if you apply the above mentioned properly it definitely increase the traffic of the website and revenue of the website. Increasing the traffic of the website and income from the website is one of the basic strategy for all online businesses now days. Even many websites are coming everyday with the same idea.

But you can get the maximum benefits by applying these activities in a proper manner. But this will help you anyhow, if you even don't know about it but remember less knowledge could be dangerous. Even There are many internet marketing service provider available online........just find a suitable one according to your requirement and budget and outsource it.

happy internet marketing....

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