Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Google Googling 2009

It seems Google is googling again. It came into my notice first time on 5th of Feb when I seen many of the keywords dropped in ranking and a huge decline in Google traffic. I was shocked, just thinking what to do and how to recover the ranking of the keywords. For my surprise after 24 hrs of painless headache and sleepless night, I seen a big change. I got the keywords ranking back in the same position or in better position, I scolded myself for wasting time and getting stress unnecessarily.

By the time I was happy about recovering keywords ranking and organizing the process, I got the same reflections in my website on 8th of Feb. But this time it was more shocking the former one. I thought it might have been some update from Google which is over now. I was a bit relax that time, but it was not so. It happened again. I was just looking the answer to why its happening. I start thinking that may be it's Google update that occur every year in the starting month, and happening again in 2009. This change put me in doubt and I started thinking about datacenter update of 2009. I had been thinking about this but again for my surprise about keywords ranking in Google. I found all the keywords ranking again and traffic increased to the same level as were before. I was happy again and relaxed. I notice that it recovered in the interval of 27 hrs.

But it seems Google is still not tired and in the mood to dance more. There's another change notice on 10 of Feb. The starting time of the reflection was same as of the 5th of Feb. Sudden drop in keyword ranking, loss in the traffic.....organic searches lost. And the worst one.

May be some .. Google Algorithm Update 2009 .. is going on from Google or any regional "Datacenter Update" is happening. Only the final outcome of this change may can solve the mystery. There is keyword ranking loss for many keywords and no impacts on many others. Is it a sign of .. -950 Penalty .. of Google or .. -30 Penalty .. is about to cursed. It's ok if its -950 Penalty because as usual it will not effect at all or to a minor extent by the end of the result. But it'going to be very stressful if its a -30 Penalty because this reflect that google has lost its trust on the domain and penalized it manually to appear below in SERPs.

All in all, it's quite visible as per Google tendency so far that nothing such is done so it put any -30 penalty. It's not appearing too a Google algorithm update, and also not seems like datacenter update. May be it could be -950 Penalty, but it's not sure what it is at all.

Well let's see what it is at all and how the impact could be of this. But everybody pls post your comments on the same because this is going to have major impacts in the history of Google search history.


  1. my website keywords ranking is declined. more the 4000 kwds ranking lost and I lost my traffic also. its good post on the latest issue.

  2. I have the same situation like Deepak, most of my keywords dropped to nowhere and only some remain on the first page.

    This is the third time happening to me in 2009, the last two times were in about 2 days then back, this time has been more than 4 days.

    Hope you guys have some thoughts on this matter.

    Google changing?


  3. Oh, one strange thing has also happened, that there is a website that has replaced my pages ranking since we dropped.

    Our original page: http://www.footprintsvietnam.com/Tours/Cycling/Cycling-Hanoi-TraditionalVillage1day.htm.
    Keyword: “Hanoi cycling tour 1 day” we always ranked # 1 for this keyword

    NOW…from when we see the drop in our pages ranking, we see a new page from a new site replaced our site, here’s the result for key “Hanoi cycling tour 1 day”: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=Hanoi+cycling+tour+1+day

    If you click on the link found from the page seen: www.phudohotel.com/Travel-Guide/Tours/Cycling/Cycling-Hanoi-TraditionalVillage1day.htm, you will be redirected to their homepage www.phudohotel.com

    Deepak said they outranked our page.

    The hotel owner (phudo hotel) said that their SEO company is trying to use the Google 303 error, is this true? what can I do?

    Thanks for your comments guys!

  4. Hello,
    your blog is very nice and very informative.


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