Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Optimization and Marketing in 2009

Is it really search engine crazy world now days? Everybody wants to optimize their website to get organic traffic. There are various Internet Marketing options available to increase online popularity which also affects branding of a company, either online or offline. Even there is concept of web 2.0 (latest web 3.0) where the social platforms are being utilized to target online audience. Online business world want to reach to all the users online. You can say, it is not easy to predict where the search engine world would be by this year end. But in brief, it's growing everyday and would be more challenging by this year end.

but how far the challenge can go, let's see it here:

-eCommerce businesses will be more Online Marketing oriented then SEO.

-New Media will help the search engines evaluate the algorithm that produces better results in terms of fresh news content specially.

-Individual branding will get popular.

-Product Marketing will come in trend.

-People will start thinking alternative of SEO as this market would be very challenging. They will more concentrate on new and innovative ideas.

-SEO would be a must for all online organizations.

-Probably you can see a new innovation by the year end, especially in the context of traffic and online revenue generation.

-Internet Marketing professionals would be in demand more then seo professionals.

-Digital Marketing / Mobile Marketing will be booming.

-Blogging will grow more and will be popular then as of now.

-Forums popularity will decrease.

-New social sites may come into existence.

-New concepts for Internet marketing will come in trend.

-SEO standards will improve.

-Yahoo popularity will increase following Google.

-Google will add more wings in its feature

-Search engines war will create positive results

-MSN may give something new to the world.

But this is not all. This is just a rough idea. Like in cricket nobody knows what it would be by the end of the match, same here……the picture would be clear by year end. Well you guys also add your thoughts as comments.

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