Sunday, August 24, 2008

Free Website Traffic Analyzer

Website traffic is very important to review the performance of a website. It is important to understand the traffic and do planning accordingly. There is too much that you can derive based on the current traffic of a website. Website traffic will help you to understand the behavior study for your visitors, how long they engage with the website, there interest in the website and products, where they are coming from, where are they quitting. What they like and dislike in the site. Website traffic study is of immense help for the strategy makers, managers, team leaders, planners and other senior members.

Now the question is which website traffic analyzer is to rely on. There are already so many tool popular online. Statcounter, Awstat and Google Analytics are very popular among online traffic analyzer. But I prefer Google Analytics over all of them and other. First reason of this is the free version of google analytics is sufficient enough do all important study related to website traffic. It is simple, sober and the best. It is very user friendly. it does not show recent traffic like in statcounter. Even Awstat has its own data representation structure but I like Google Analytics most.

It has everything important and may be new update will happen soon. I knew Google is very smart. Google Analytics is very important for them and for its users. Well let me show you special features of Google Analytics…

Google Analytics Dashbord

Visitors Tracking in Google Analytics

Traffic Sources Tracking

Content Analysis in Google Analytics

Even you can set goals for any specific study

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