Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why black hat seo

It was just by chance I met a SEO guy today, he do optimization on freelance basis. He was so confident about the technique he use to optimize a website. He told me about the website and the company he works for. I was so please to know his technique initially. But by the time I knew more about it, it was shocking. Almost talking for 1/2 an hour around I got to know that he had been using black hat seo to optimize a website.

"Black Hat search engine optimization is usually defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. It Involves unethical, questionable and sometimes illegal search engine techniques used to improve site rankings and visibility. Simply it is irrelevant and forced optimization."

Well what comes in Black Hat SEO:
keyword stuffing, link spamming, 302 redirection, css based spamming, doorway pages, link bait & dumping, google bowling, unnecessary promotion in groups, misuse of forums, irrelevant backlinks creation, irrelevant content, pushing social networking site for traffic, misguiding visitors and the list goes long.

If you ever see the search engines history, they have banned the site using black hat seo activities. Search engines are very smart at present. They keep updating ranking and publish guidelines for on timely basis so that user can follow them. It is all to avoid black hat seo and synchronize the information available over internet.

There is already too much information available and it is becoming challenging for search engines to provide better result for the user. Internet users all over the world faces problems to find relevant information. Thanks to the Google team, about the idea they came up and working hard to synchronize available content. But as usually happens people keep cracking ranking algorithm and start fooling the search engines. weired ;)

There is too much to talk about black hat and white hat seo, but because I am already very late to meet my friend, i'll stop talking more. May be black hat seo's wouldn't like this post or hopefully this post will help people. Please post your comments for anything you would like to know. I always prefer white hat seo technique and expect everybody to follow it. Internet is for everyone and search engines are here to help in finding the correct information. So help everyone and help yourself.

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  1. Black hat is commonly use to promote sites that has been banned by authorized sites and also to promote porn. There's no black or white in SEO it just depends on the SEO worker.

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