Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the issue of internet traffic

Internet marketing field is becoming more competitive and creative every new day. I have been trying to do some viral marketing stuff since last few days but did not copied idea from others. Whatever I did on this was my own. Even today I heard of a new software for viral marketing. I wouldn't mention the software name, but it was more kind of spamming activities.

I don't understand why people uses spamming stuff to attract more visitors to the site. It do not help anyhow. Think of a situation when so much traffic is coming to the site but not staying for long. There are many reason for this. Many experienced professional knew it well but for a newbie it is very important to understand it.

If relevant traffic is not coming to the site then it wouldn't stay for long and waste most of the time in finding relevant information. This will unnecessarily increase bandwidth of the site and extra load on the server. You must be laughing on this because due to advance computer technique this do not hamper more but why we do irrelevant promotional activities. We should be good internet citizen as do not mis-utilize the internet. There are already stupid fellows who don't understand the challenges of increasing internet usage and its problems.

Instead of talking about Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and other online promotion techniques, I think of internet traffic today and how we can help to optimize it There are already so many people working on the problems available for internet and many unreachable challenges. but we should also act as responsible internet citizen. Avoid all kind of unnecessary activities over internet so many of waste and unused hours of internet, which is waster on maintenance could be used for more productive and useful resources. If we cannot help to achieve them at least we should help to maintain existing world of internet.

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