Sunday, January 06, 2008

Website Traffic, Online Marketing and Optimization….

uf…hectic. I wasted two hours to come back. If someone has given care to this properly then many waste hours could have been used and productive too :). Many such problems are visible in disorganized parties, events and so on. But what is common here? …. simple, a number of people are happy with this because they like crowds and they don’t care to organize it. Many think that they have satisfied people and many don’t even know about it. Only few people give a proper concentration and serve well usually called “the winner”…. temporarily :) or a never-ending approach, depends.

Oops…why am talking this. If you reconsider the title of this post….yes right. It’s all about your website. There are many site owners who have thousands of daily visitors but do not get the benefit because it is not related or forced. But they are happy because they already have huge website traffic coming in the site and they are planning ahead to get more traffic, Adsense and other such moneymaking programs make it interesting too. But what is the benefit of finding new visitors if you are unable to satisfy the current one. Webmaster doesn’t even think it many times, interested webmasters are trying to do it but all are not winners.

Every webmaster should try to optimize the traffic in a sensible way. Using white hat SEO technique is the best option to optimize your website. An optimized website has many benefits apart from organic traffic. It helps your visitors to understand your website at a glance, like a superbly designed shopping mall where every visitor will just know what is where when s/he enters. Adding on this you can market any particular section or product anytime anywhere. Like giving an ad in TV, Newspaper, Radio or in pamphlet. Hope you like the idea…..what says!!

Well this also helps in SMO (Social Marketing Optimization), Social Bookmarking, and Paid Advertisement and in many other online marketing techniques. But what if you miss it…. oops Internet traffic, orphan visitors, waiting webmasters and information wastage. It is crucial to think on this and best if start with same consideration in mind. Obviously if we have well planned roads, flyovers, red-lights and traffic police man number of hours can be saved and I know you know the meaning of this. You can better guess what I mean in the context of website traffic and Online Marketing too. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are popular since long and social sites are the new buzz in online marketing. Many new techniques are comings but optimization will stay there everytime.

Let me tell you one truth that if you are perfect Internet Citizen then everything will be in your basket. Perfect Internet Citizenship and proper website optimization will help you to win the race and right online promotion approach will make you popular. There is too much to speak on this but will take time, even am very tired now. It seems something very delicious cooking ……umm what a smell. You are welcome for the dinner :) and any comments on this blog. Have great time ahead!!


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  2. This explains a lot! I've just started working with seo for my business, and there are so many different tools that it's really hard to know which ones are acceptable and which ones are illegal. So thank you for clarifying! It's greatly appreciated!


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