Monday, June 11, 2012

Latest and urgent update by Google in SERPs - Not Supported

Google really seems confuse on what they are doing. Even it seems that they are doing live testing to see user response and other reactions. It really kills and create worst Google experience ever. I always love Google for the way they apply things and work for the betterment of existing resources. But this time it is really disappointing. They did big Panda update, Caffeine update, Penguin update and many small updates since long but the penguin update come up with so many confusion that they probably never expected.

Even whatever efforts they made to recover from the worst experience doesn't seems enough to global users. They are now manipulating SERPs (search engine result pages themselves) for the benefits. See the images given below. One and websites pages are only showing in the SERPs. That two in 3 rd pages onward.

It seems Google is trying to take the advantage of their monopoly in search industry. they are ranking on top since quite long for searches but remember maintaining yourself on top is always tough then gaining the top position. 

They should better display such results in groups so that if one user is interested to see more results they will click the relevant results to get more. But in the given examples below just one or two websites have occupied all the space in that SERP. I like Google but I don't like it.

Please 'don't be evil' and do not work against user expectations what they have been expecting from your since quite long. Do whatever is user friendly and gives a better user experience but not this that may reduce your quality search results.

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