Monday, June 11, 2012

It's not fresh update in Google SERPs

Google always claim to provide best possible fresh and latest update to its users. They had been doing many changes in past using Google panda update, Caffeine update, Penguin update etc. but all seems in vain. There result is still not fresh enough.

See this image below where one 14 May news is coming on 12 June result for the most competitive industry in the world.

I suggest google should start reworking on such irrelevant results in their SERPs. They always claim to provide fresh result but this result makes it clear that they still have to work on there strategy or rework on the applied methods for fresh results.

It seems now days that they are giving more preference to websites with keywords in domain name while the other parameters are not being applied properly. You may see such results in the SERPs where websites with small online status or even not fulfilling Google guidelines are coming on top while other good websites are coming down in SERPs.

Google recently did on Panda Update 3.7 so we can hope that this have been considered and applied there else this just indicate that Google even not providing fresh and relevant update.

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