Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Google bonding with travel industry with new search facility

Here’s the latest update from Google search engine. The Google team has revised the organic search results for flights oriented destinations around the world. I haven’t checked it all yet but if your search for “flights to london”, “Flights to Edinburgh”, “Flights to Delhi”, “Flights to Perth” or any other such possible keywords combinations then a new section will appear just after the Google sponsored listing or above the Google organic searches.

This is the new update from Google which will make it difficult for travel agents and price comparison websites to derive the organic traffic from Google searches. Google team acted smartly for the travel industry and their research team came to a better way to provide the relevant results in this most competitive industry around the world.

The update is good and helpful to the visitors looking for flights booking to a particular destination. It will show the “Flights from”, “Duration” and “Airlines” information on searching a particular destination like “Flights to Mumbai”. You may find more information on clicking destinations given under the FROM section or can go the official website of any particular airline on clicking the airline name given under the AIRLINE section.

You will find the information about non-stop flights, indirect flights, Flights in a day, air travel duration to that destination, and all available airlines with Valid Through time.

This new update is really interesting. It will make it more challenging to the travel agents and price comparison service provider websites (like southalltravel.co.uk and cheapflights.co.uk) to get the traffic from Google organic searches. This airlines flights search help will appear just about the organic search result pages where the travelers may opt to directly go the official website of any airlines instead of going to any travel agent. Google would a taking so much advantage out of this and probably they will make huge money from this section itself but not sure what is their next strategy.

But one thing is seems to be sure that Travel Agents and Price Comparison service provider will face a lot of challenge due to this and will have to double-up their efforts to extract organic traffic from Google. Even this is going to be very competitive for the seo professionals to optimize and generate more traffic from Google organic searches.

Well this is the beginning of new concept from Google and would be helpful to the holiday-makers and travellers looking to book flights to any destination. They can have a good idea about the available airlines, air travel time, distance and possible time validity through this new search facility from Google.

We still have to see if this is just a permanent or a temporarily update from Google.

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  1. Prior to this Google used to refer traffic to relevant sites for information, now google is scraping data from websites to give it to the users on page in Google only. Google is trying to play the role of data syndicator directly.
    Flights were a very easy to start with as it did with in travel, like other segments shares stock Market, weather, currency convertor, translation what not. Best of luck to Google! Google is becoming good in other things except search, though giving lots of stunts of caffeine and panda, instant search and igoogle.


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