Saturday, August 21, 2010

Google Wonder Wheel – the online search tour with Google

Google Wonder Wheel by Google, this is really amazing. Just search for a single term and see the relevant nodes as per Google indexed database. This is really amazing. Google shows relevant terms in the wonder wheel format according to your search query. Just click on any one of them and you will be taken to the next layer for the wheel. The wheel keeps moving following your choices. It will keep moving and you can see the results in the WWRPs (Wonder Wheel Results Pages).

The main objective of Wonder Wheel is to simplifying and arranging search results globally. It shows related search terms to the current searched query and thus enable you to explore relevant search terms which might be the ones you originally wanted to search for, or simply give you more options to gain more information.

For one simple thing you don’t need to put many efforts to remind the last term or the very first term you used to find the answer of your query. See the snapshot of WWRPs when you search for a query like “USA”

View the step by step installation of Google Wonder wheel here

It the wonderful implementation where Google will guide the searchers either by color or last related searches to the paid link or paid results.

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