Saturday, July 17, 2010

The logic behind Google Caffeine Update

Content on the web is burgeoning every minute. The content presentation on the web has changed from simple text and images to audios, videos and other real-time know-how in recent few years rapidly. Even the changing computer technology has made it richer and complex by passing time. The end users demand is changing and they are looking for the most latest, relevant and useful information from the most reliable resources. All this have been so much challenging to Google as they expected in past. Google had been working on to coup this challenge since long and finally they announced the ‘Caffeine’.

The search engine linchpin “Google” announced the new web indexing system called Caffeine on 8th June 2010. Google official promises that the Caffeine update will speed up the SERPs results by 50 percent. The Google users will be getting the latest and relevant information faster than before while searching through this giant engine.

Google old indexing system had many layers which get refreshed according to priority periodically but now with the Caffeine technology all this can get refreshed altogether as and when it access latest and relevant content. The changing trend of new media, social sites, blogs, forums and other platforms over internet have been the main cause behind this update from Google. But apart from this Google is organizing itself too which is very much important due to the increasing share of Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and other rising platforms over internet.

Google was required it to race with the strong competitors and they did it. It takes up nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. The future of Google lies so much on this and its incorporation. Primarily it’s all about Speed, Accuracy and Performance of Google SERPs services but on the other hand it’s one another step by Google to remain at the top in the industry and increase the market share.

You will have enough idea about "what is google caffeine update" through this post but this is not all yet. There's more to talk about this update, it's impacts, importance for SEO professionals, the competitors reactions and Google's growth. I might be sharing some good information in next few post too. Please comment your thoughts and queries so I can touch them in my next post. Deepak Rajput !!

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