Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Website design development and Search Engine Optimization

Many developers & designers do website development but how many of them think about SEO when constructing a website. A search engine friendly website designing and development is most important now a days. Website structure and navigation (internal or external) effects the organic ranking of a website. A user friendly website structure and navigation effects the website visibility. A website developed with search engine guidelines helps search engine crawlers to easily index the website and hence the ranking of keywords.

Following are few benefits of constructing a search engine friendly and user friendly website:

1) Such search engine friendly (SEF) websites helps in In-depth indexing by search engines which increases the search engine presence of a website, that usually improves the organic ranking of a website. A SEF website take minimum time to start appearing in SERPs as compare to a general website (especially in the context of a new website).

2) A user friendly website helps visitors to easily navigate anywhere the site. Visitors can find and navigate any relevant section in the site at minimum time spend or at a glance. Such websites increases the site visibility and improved businesses too. It is always suggested to develop a user friendly website. Mostly search engines like Google follow the principles of providing relevant information for every searches, and every website should follow the same.

3) It is a good way of organized site development and easy maintenance.

4) It is well know that such development improve ORGANIC SERPs (Search engine result pages) of a website. A search engine guidelines complying website helps crawlers to index all the pages and content in the site which ultimately helps in organic results in search engines.

5) People will be able to find relevant pages while search any relevant keyword phrase in search engines or when surfing the site. This reduces the time of find any particular topic. Visitors will directly land to most relevant page in the site, which may increase the business of a site, in obvious.

6) Both Static and Dynamic websites optimization is possible with reduced complexities. Once proper construction is done according to search engine guidelines, it has the possibility to start appearing in SERPs at minimum time.

7) It works for long term, we can say it “one time efforts, long term benefits”.

There are many benefits of developing a search engine friendly and user-friendly websites, and the best is that it is helpful in driving relevant traffic to the site. But one developing a search engine friendly websites we cannot avoid other seo/sem parameters to optimize a website. SEO based website development is just a start, and there is a lot to do after that to rank up a website. Either do yourself or ask seo expert to optimize the website, but always prefer “white hat SEO” else ready to face search engines penalties anytime.

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