Tuesday, November 08, 2011

All about Google Panda Update in 2011 – An Analysis

Google is continuously making changes in its algorithm to provide the best search experience for the searchers. But apart from giving the best results to its users Google also have to compete with the ongoing changes in the world wide Internet. There are thousands of factors that it considers to update the algorithm but there is no limit to add new ranking factors with the ongoing trends worldwide. This is really the best side of Google that makes it different and best from others.

The recent Google Panda update is an extension in its existing algorithm to make it feasible according to the rapidly changing World Wide Web. It is a continuous effort from Google to make it live and ahead in the changing Internet trends worldwide. There is not end in the web and thus Google should never stop them to change its algorithm to stay tuned with the pace.

The recent panda update in November is just one more step from Google to make it the best. But, BUT is always there and expectations increases when you are at the top. Same goes with Google. It’s a huge matter of consideration now when Google is the source of earning for millions in the world.

The recent Google algorithm update is basically designed to 
Reduce spam,
Combat the ‘content farms’ techniques,
Improve scraper filtering,
filter low quality content
and many other many other many other crucial factors to make it the best. 

The main factors of consideration among all is applying the advance approach to extract 
Low quality content,
Excessive adverts websites,
Brand website placements
and User tendency in the website after visiting is directly, from and referring website or search engines.

The most important points that have come out after the update is its new approach to tackle the
E-commerce websites,
Affiliate websites,
Adsense oriented websites,
Websites with duplicate contents,
scrapper websites,
and Websites with poor usability and branding.

It doesn’t matter if you are a search engine optimization service provider, a professional or doing it yourself but all have to must follow the few new principals to get ranking of their websites and extracting traffic from search engines that are giving priority to unique and high quality content to add value in your site, doing proper research to understand and improve your websites visitors experience in after visiting the website, branding of your products/services/company, various source of traffic in the website and user trends, and obviously the best usage of new and old pages in the site.

The new Google panda update will have minimum results if you are already applying these points in your optimization or have done it in past using all white hat SEO tactics. But if you are involved in any black hat seo to rank up your websites then it’s going to be a complex matrix for you to solve.

Google started applying the new factors after taking into consideration the changing World Wide Web and users trends. They did caffeine update in past to speed up the indexing, and then one Google Panda update few months back to give priority best content websites. But that was not enough for Google to solve the complex changing trend. 

And now this time they go one step ahead to add new factors in algorithm for
the increasing existence of social sites,
scrapping website,
rapidly improving video demands,
preferences to the branded websites from the users,
the increasing demand of new and fresh content,
periodical information and many more to consider

The changes that are made this time is not only about giving best search experience but also utilizing various other verticals by Google. Google is now using the best of Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Webmaster Console, Google Labs etc. for best user experience. Google know how smartly use people to serve people and become a winner.


  1. Great post. The panda update creates a a great user experience. However it makes life difficult for webmasters and the search engine optimization services community. It will be interesting to see what companies can adjust to the update and what ones will fall behind and be buried by google because of their failure to adapt.

  2. All these panda updates are making search engine optimization so much harder than it used to be. I guess it's good though since it increases the quality of the internet content, but it also requires so much more effort now to get your page ranked higher. I guess there are pros and cons with everything.. I think it's intended more for the benefit of the customer than for the disadvantage of the internet marketers. It just depends on from what perspective you look at it.

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