Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fw: Fwd: Fw: Happy Birthday Google - The 13 years of Google


Google looks at the age of 13th.....

Google has grown up a lot since it's first year age. It's not a child now and not even an old man but just a mix of everything.

Google is :

Mature enough to be the biggest entity of the Internet world,

Contributing a lot for the growth of the organized internet,

No one able to compete Google in search engine context,

Google has created so many new channels,

Google has lots of money,

The inventor of Google (sergey brin and larry page) are among the Top 400 richest people of USA,

Google helps you to fly to the sky, travel the earth and research a lot from your computer,

May be next amazing thing in Google plan is to go to under water from you computer only,

Google teach people to keep your site neat and clean and object oriented,

It teaches people how to make it user friendly by making it Google search friendly,

Google server it's users and Google uses its visitors very smartly,

Even sky is not the limit for Google,

and there's a lot to speak about Google which is not easy write in words...

So again, a very happy birthday to Google, my favorite search engine.

Say happy birthday to Google now !!!!

Click here to watch the Google Video at the age of 13th today 

(Watch all Google faces since 2002, at the age of 4)

Please share it with everyone to wish Happy Birthday to Google

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