Thursday, September 30, 2010

PR update in 2010

Next PR update is possible in October or November 2010.

Updates (as on 22 Oct 2010):

Google Page Rank update in October 2010

Hi All, following my speculation on 30 September regarding pagerank update, I have noticed the PR changes in the pages of my major 4 projects. It seems the PR update of October 2010 have already started three days ago.

Well apart from PR updates I have noticed so much fluctuations in my more then 500 keywords lists. There seems some problem in ranking due to gap in the update of various google datacenters. One keyword that I am checking in UK is ranking at no 1 while the same is ranking at no 3 in India. It looks the update was not complete that day. Now the keyword is ranking at No 1 in both the countries. I hope there would be no more fluctuations from now on.

Google has also changed the Google Webamster Tools interface where it is not showing the total of Internal pages and backlinks. It looks that there would be some more changes in coming day. I'll surely update any other information here which is interesting to share and helpful for the readers.

Thanks... Deepak Rajput

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