Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Google celebrated it's 11 birthday this mont

Well this is something interesting that google celebrated it's 11th b'day this month, and what's so hurting is that I could write any blog post on that due to busy schedule. I am not getting time to do blog post on few of my favorite subjects in this field and few very latest and must to talk.

Even I wouldn't be able to talk so much about any particular topic becuase I am very sleepy this time after consulting my so bore client ( my friend :) ) and talking to my sweet mom last 2 hrs. Everthing is changed since last few months and it's very hectic now a days. I am coming back to home late night 1 AM after office. oops very tight schedule, no time left for anything.

Please send your suggestions how I should manage time and blog posting for my dear readers!!

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  1. Happy B'day Google... Everybody have busy life but you inform about Google B'day it is good


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