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How to optimize my website?

Everybody wants more traffic coming to the site and huge efforts are done to make an attractive site. So what you think; a well designed and attractive website is enough to derive traffic to your site…….to some extent. Until and unless your visitors don’t know the website it merely becomes a dream. You are required to put some extra effort to derive traffic to your site (and especially relevant traffic as per the theme of the site). The ratio of efforts and traffic derive business and visitors for your site. More the efforts and more the traffic (ya its exceptional for brand site such as etc., It’s only that there’s so many backlinks for this, which converted to traffic and then business too.) But what for a commercial website, the webmasters/specialist needs to take care what can be done to increase the traffic of the site.

People use many methods and techniques to gain ranking in search engines, which ultimately affects the page rank and traffic of the site. Well we will try to concentrate on the main topic “How to optimize my website”. Yeah definitely I’ll be discussing this too in coming postings….

Optimizing website is all required On Site work, your website should posses everything as per theme or relevancy of the site. Anything opposite to this may affect your site ranking. So always keep improving relevancy of the site.

Here are few points that you may consider while optimizing your website:

-Attractive site (of course – eye-catching sites are easy to remember)
-Relevant content -– yeah it should have theme related content all around the site, irrelevant content distract visitors and reputation of site too.
-Minimum download time – it should be minimum as far possible…..remember GOOGLE
-Optimized Images – every image in the site should be of minimum size to the extent possible and relevant ALT text added to that.
-Easy Navigation – this is what helps visitors to scan your site at a glance, when they find what they are looking for, the chances increases for more business. Imagine the ring tone you are looking for is lying somewhere in the site, but not accessible by you…….probably you will switch to other site in seconds.
-Site Structure – Easy to get idea about
-Keyword Density – should be appropriate to the body of the pages
-Title, Meta description & Meta Keywords – for each and every webpages
-Minimum Popup – don’t rely on popups much…….it distract visitors (at least until very much required)
-Robots.txt inclusion – if you don’t want any directory to be crawled by any particular search engine.

This is basic and works a lot. You can do lots when doing search engine optimization for your site as per search engine guidelines…..this I already mention in my last blog submission.

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